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"Within two decades 50% of startups will be driven by female entrepreneurs"

Co-founder Merav Oren discusses the future of female entrepreneurship at the Launch of the Northern Extension in cooperation with the OpenValley Entrepreneurship and Innovation Network.

The event opened with an exhibition of projects from the community and continued with Col. Nurit Kadosh's talk about "Stars of the Future" - the prestigious program of the IDF's Technological Division which seeks to increase cooperation with technological bodies and adopt new technologies from start-ups.

Shiri Green Algavish CEO of the OpenValley Entrepreneurship Network: "It is very important to promote women's entrepreneurship in Israel in general and the North in particular, and we see ourselves as a home for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, where they can develop and receive all the support they need to come out and realize their ideas. This is the vision of OpenValley, and we are delighted to provide support to WMN women and action. "

We want to revolutionize the number of start-ups being led by women, and unfortunately, today only 7-10% of start-ups in Israel are led by women," says Merav Oren.

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