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Don't wait for the stars to get aligned - align them by yourself”

Amit Rapaport Co-Founder & CEO at piplwize opens her first startup doing covid-19.

I’m always interested in how women in the tech industry have broken boundaries.

I had the pleasure to talk with Amit Rapaport about her journey and what she has learned about herself after taking the brave decision in establishing her first startup doing covid-19.

Amit is the CEO and Co-founder Piplwize offers real-time data, insights and analytics, supports organizations with their day-to-day headcount decisions, and provides clarity and transparency regarding compensation and benefits plans.

How did Covid 19 become an opportunity for you ?

When the pandemic started, it raised a lot of questions regarding the compensation packages' changes.

It led to an uncertain ecosystem, where some of the companies became even more aggressive, while others needed to hold back and cut their offerings.

And it's not just salaries that we're talking about. The entire packages were changed, including benefits, policies, etc.

As an employer, it's crucial for you to know your positioning- all to make sure you can hire the talents you need and more important- to retain your best talents.

Piplwize provides this real time data and insights.

In just a click-of-a-button, a company can see risks, overpaid employees and what is their competitive edge.

Data, clarity and insights, are needed now more than ever.

Which advice made the most impact on your decision to establish Piplwize ?

It wasn't a specific advice or a specific moment.

Before founding Piplwize, I worked at SentinelOne.

SentinelOne was a super rewarding, highly appreciating environment.

However, something always kept me thinking - What impact do I want to create?

And eventually, it was super clear that I needed to leave this comfort-zone and jump into the water.

What would be your professional advice for other female founders in moments where the doubt would creep up?

There are infinite reasons why not to found a company - it really is a roll coaster of emotions, each day filled with both success and failure.

I am a great believer that people are the sole owners of their destiny, and that if you want something, don't wait for the stars to get aligned - align them by yourself.

Just make sure to always push forward, surround yourself with good people and listen to feedback from them and from the field.

How do you build your inner resilience?

I think it's my process for the last 36 years :)

I was born in a kibbutz, and my parents were born and raised in kibbutz too.

When my parents left the kibbutz 20+ years ago, with no money in their pockets, they had to work hard, never give up and create their own reality- they were my role models. I was raised to work hard, and not take anything for granted.

To make it even more personal- When my 2nd kid was one year old, I took my hardest decision EVER, and decided to get divorce, as I want to live my life with passion and deeply in-love.

Fast forward- I'm in love, filled with passion, both in my personal and business aspects.

All was created thanks to the understanding that I took some hard decisions without letting the fear interrupt, I never gave up, and always always always in love with what I'm doing and the people that surround me.

How can you have the power to positively influence your career?

It's a way of thinking.

For each situation there are two sides of the coin.

I choose, on a daily basis, even when it's hard, to look at the optimist side.

To learn from my mistakes, and as I said before, to empower myself by receiving feedback and to surround myself with the best and most trustable people!

Why did you learn about yourself in the last year ?

To be frankly honest, the last year just emphasized what I previously learned from my divorce.

I have the power to change and create my reality, and I have very good and supportive friends and family that enable me to run in the pace that I love running :) (fast, BTW)

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